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【Guam Lab Limited] Tropical Pancake Mix ☆ 3 bags set☆.

Pancakes are a staple of American breakfast. The Guam Lovers staff tasted and selected two popular types from Natural & Original pancake mixes. The flavors are Original, which is sprinkle studded with colorful cereals and candies, and Banana Flavor, which has a fruity aroma. It comes with an original Guam Lovers can badge! (The design of the badge will be randomly chosen from among 30 different designs.) You can freely choose any combination of the 3-bag set and add the number of bags. We will deliver to your hotel on the date of your choice. Manufacturer by Guamlovers

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  • Duration

    0 hours

  • Set quantity

    USD 24.00


  • Highlight #1

    Traditional spicy seasoning essential to Guam's soul food, which loved by gourmet locals.

  • Highlight #2

    deal for those who seek a delicious spiciness that brings out the flavor of the ingredients.

  • Highlight #3

    Rich in minerals such as potassium and iron, as well as vitamins A, B2, and E

  • Highlight #4

    Capsaicin, a pungent ingredient, is said to be effective in preventing obesity by burning body fat and promoting energy expenditure, as well as in improving gastrointestinal health and hair growth.

  • Highlight #5

    Ingredients are sourced from local family farms and food co-ops, using high quality ingredients bathed in tropical sun.

  • Highlight #6

    Delivery to your hotel

  • Highlight #7

    It goes well with everything from boiled eggs to soups, fried foods, etc.

  • Highlight #8

    Cooking ideas and arranged recipes included


  • Add-ons

    • 追加1袋(合計4袋)

      Please let us know which flavor you would like.

      pcsUSD 8.00

    • 2 additional bag (total 5 bags)

      Please let us know which flavor you would like.

      pcsUSD 16.00

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  • Set quantity

    USD 24.00