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【Guam Lab Limited】 Malikai Balm Set of 2 ☆ Made in Guam

'Outstanding for fingertip treatment. Both types of natural balms are popular among nail salon staff. The noni leaf ingredient also seems to protect nails weakened by nail treatment, making it easier for beautiful nails to grow. Of course, it can also be used for the whole body. It can also be used for lips and hands. The noni leaf balm seems to be very good for atopic dermatitis. The noni leaf balm is also good for post-operative incisions, and the ingredients of noni leaf seem to be effective for inflammatory conditions. The product does not contain any fragrance, so even if you use it in your lips, your lips will not crack! It is very popular." The Noni Leaf Balm has a soft leafy fragrance, while the Virgin Coconut Oil + Noni Leaf Balm has a sweet coconut scent. MALIKAI® has passed the Guam Product Seal Program inspection. The "Guam Product Seal Program" is only allowed to be labeled on products that have been approved by the Guam government as being made in Guam. You can freely choose any combination of 2 sets from "Noni Leaf" and "Nonico Coconut". We will deliver to your hotel on the date of your choice. Manufactured by Malikai

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    USD 24.00


  • Highlight #1

    It does not stain wounds and has excellent moisturizing properties.

  • Highlight #2

    Everything from the collection of raw materials to manufacturing is done by hand.

  • Highlight #3

    Noni Leaf Balm" is softly scented with the scent of leaves.

  • Highlight #4

    Available only at GUAM LAB in Guam

  • Highlight #5

    Virgin coconut oil + noni leaf balm" has a sweet coconut scent

  • Highlight #6

    Products recognized by the Government of Guam as being Made in Guam

  • Highlight #7

    First hotel delivery service in Guam


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      Please let us know which flavor you would like.

      Per-BookingUSD 12.00

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      Please let us know which flavor you would like.

      Per-BookingUSD 24.00

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  • Set quantity

    USD 24.00